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Biden's Border Blind Spot | Opinion

newsweek Feb 23, 2024

By continuing to focus on border management alone, the president is leaving long-term U.S. residents in the cold.

AOC called 'not very smart' by...over her latest border remarks

fox news Feb 22, 2024

They'll hide out and be a fugitive for a few years waiting for the next amnesty, waiting for the next DACA. All these families coming across now, that's your next DACA," he continued. Homan said it w…

16 Immigration Policies That Divide the Nation: What’s at Stake?

saving advice Feb 21, 2024

Those opposed say that building such a large barrier would be expensive, bad for the environment, and ineffective. DACA was created to protect undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as …

What are your legal rights as an undocumented immigrant?

colorado community media Feb 21, 2024

It can also be an immigrant who overstays their visa. DACA/DREAMer: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a policy that gives undocumented immigrants who arrive in the United States at a young ag…

Republicans want to crack down on...immigration in Arizona. Here's how

yahoo!news Feb 21, 2024

Immigration measures HCR 2060 and SB 1231, a package dubbed "SB 1070 2.0" by its critics, are making their way through the Arizona Legislature.

Porter goes after Schiff on debate stage for final US Senate faceoff

orange county register Feb 21, 2024

Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff of Burbank, Katie Porter of Irvine and Barbara Lee of Oakland as well as Republican ex-Dodger Steve Garvey — to make their case

Deportation Is One of the...Immigration Status, New Study Shows

latin times Feb 21, 2024

Both documented and undocumented Latinos saw an increase in anxiety regarding their future in the U.S. over the past years

End-of-game paralysis and elite shooting...State despite improved play

sacramento state hornet Feb 20, 2024

Sac State allows Northern Arizona to get hot from three and can’t slow down Northern Colorado’s top scorers in latter half

Latino members of Congress...translations of immigration documents

yahoo!news Feb 20, 2024

Latino members of Congress want U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to waive an internal policy requiring their congressional offices provide certified translations of non-English documents fil…

Proposed California law would allow...students to work on-campus jobs

nj.com Feb 20, 2024

AB 2586 would prohibit the University of California, California State University and California Community College systems from disallowing undocumented students from applying to campus jobs.

‘Nazi’ comparison draws immigration...of N.C. congressional campaign

daily press Feb 20, 2024

Questions about immigration are front and center in the campaign for North Carolina’s heavily Republican 10th Congressional District.

Political Changes Are Stressing Hispanic Americans: Study

healthday on msn.com Feb 20, 2024

Key Takeaways The immigration debate is stressing out all Hispanics, whether they are citizens or undocumented immigrantsThe Trump presidency, in particular, ramped up stress levels among Hispanics a…