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Opinion: What Biden should have said...his State of the Union address

cnn Feb 8, 2023

During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Biden needed to defy the mindset about immigrants that separates "them" from "us" -- to make it clear that supporting American workers and doing righ…

Immigration rebound eases shortage of workers, up to a point

seattle times Feb 8, 2023

The company now employs about 2,500 people, at least 12% of whom are able to work under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which has been in jeopardy since President Donald …

Sen. Cotton, Boozman join...verification for workers

kark little rock on msn.com Feb 8, 2023

The bill requires employers to use the program to determine workers' eligibility. Biden gives lip service to immigration reform at SOTU "Employers need a commonsense, cost-effective tool t…

Who Are the Cras Est Nostrum...Treasure: Edge of History, Explained

thecinemaholic.com Feb 8, 2023

Edge of History’ revolves around a young DACA woman named Jess (Lisette Olivera), who discovers that her family is connected to a legendary Pan-American treasure. As Jess and her friends begin lookin…

Ramirez calls for more action on...in State of the Union response

crain's chicago business Feb 8, 2023

Ramirez, a freshman congresswoman from Chicago, delivered her response on behalf of the progressive Working Families Party,

Democratic lawmakers in Oregon want...for cash food assistance

jefferson public radio Feb 8, 2023

In 2021, two Oregon nonprofits involved in food aid launched a campaign to extend food assistance to people excluded from federal food benefits.

Illinois Rep. Ramirez urges Biden,...stand up to MAGA extremism

upi Feb 8, 2023

House Rep. Delia Ramirez on Tuesday night urged President Joe Biden and their Democratic Party to stand up to Republican extremism while calling for more working-class people to join her in leading t…

President Biden lays out his...the Union, Arizona Congressmen react

kvoa 4 Feb 7, 2023

President Biden touted legislative accomplishments in his first two years in the White House. The president told the American people, the country created 12 million jobs in his first two years in off…

Coatesville immigration activist among guests...of the Union address

kyw radio philadelphia on msn.com Feb 7, 2023

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden hosted 26 guests at President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. The guests represent key administration priorities. One of those guests is an immigrat…

Here's who's on Biden's guest list for the State of the Union

wuwf Feb 7, 2023

The invitees include cancer survivors and their families, a veteran and his caregivers, a health care professional from a Navajo reservation, a Holocaust survivor and more.

Biden's State of the Union guests...Tyre Nichols' parents and more

wuwm Feb 7, 2023

The attendees included cancer survivors and their families, a veteran and his caregivers, a health care professional from a Navajo reservation, a Holocaust survivor and more.

Democratic lawmakers want to make...eligible for cash food assistance

oregon capital chronicle Feb 7, 2023

A legislative proposal, state Senate Bill 610, would make more than 60,000 people eligible for monthly cash food assistance.