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Mixed Immigration Status Gave Brothers 'Very Different Perspectives'

kcrw Apr 23, 2021

But in 2012, Angel became a recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which grants him temporary legal status and protects him from deportation under the Obama-era program. Six ye…

George W. Bush Says He...Election and Clarifies 'Nativist' Comment

yahoo!news Apr 22, 2021

Bush spoke with PEOPLE about his new book of paintings, Out of Many, One, which features a selection of his portraits of American immigrants along with their stories

Congressional Democrats, including CA Sen....free for many students

ktla Apr 22, 2021

As millions of students struggle to pay the skyrocketing costs to attend college, a group of Democratic lawmakers this week unveiled a plan to cancel out the cost of higher education for many

TIRRC Pushes Congress To Create Easier Path To Citizenship

patch Apr 22, 2021

Immigrants and new Americans made up a large portion of essential workers during the pandemic, and Tennessee immigrant advocates joined a nationwide effort urging Congress to create an easier path to…

Whoa, did our governor really say that?:...to the Editor for April 25

argus leader Apr 22, 2021

Governor Noem's 'Call me when you're an American' line struck a chord with readers this week. Here are you Letters to the Editor for April 25.

Deportation Order Rescinded for First...to Seek Sanctuary in N.C.

indy week Apr 22, 2021

Ortega returned home to her family in Asheboro this week after a deportation order was rescinded by a stay of removal issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, according to Siembra NC, a La…

UAE a hub of blockchain technology

the gulf today Apr 22, 2021

Xu, also known as Ryan Xu vowed to introduce blockchain through a number of strategic plans in the finance sector, banking and others in the UAE and in the region.

Should Non-U.S. Citizens Be Eligible...Boards? Voters Will Decide.

kera news Apr 22, 2021

U.S. citizens should be allowed to serve on four of the city's advisory boards. Dallas has more than 50, but the park board, city plan commission, redistricting commission and civil service board req…

The Virginia DMV’s website restored after outage

wric Apr 22, 2021

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles announced on Facebook that its website is down. They said while the website is temporarily unavailable and they are working to fix it as quickly as possible.

Biden’s Solution to a Border in Chaos? Amnesty, Of Course

immigrationreform.com Apr 22, 2021

To understand how radical the Biden administration is on immigration, just listen to the words of a prominent Democrat.

Northam asks President Biden for...for immigrant essential workers

wric Apr 22, 2021

Governor Ralph Northam sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking for a pathway to citizenship for immigrant essential workers and their families.

GOP sees immigration as path to regain power

the hill on msn.com Apr 22, 2021

Republicans are building their case for taking back control of Congress around immigration, which they see as their top issue heading into the midterms.Polls show President Biden with a high approval…