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The heart of New York:...Basnet, Hunter College Rhodes Scholar

new york daily news Nov 28, 2021

Immigrant, unable to speak English, arrives here seeking political asylum and makes good — actually, makes great. It’s the story of New York and the story of America and it’s the story of Dave Basnet,

Why these students are dreading their 21st birthdays

cnn Nov 27, 2021

On the day they turn 21, thousands of young immigrants will no longer be protected by the work visas that allowed their parents to come to the United States. After living in the US almost all their l…

Guest Opinion: Marissa Molina:...example and protect immigrants

daily camera Nov 26, 2021

As an immigrant myself, I deeply understand the fear and anxiety caused by the prospect of deportation and separation from our homes and loved ones.

Biden spending plan ‘not good enough’ on immigration: Advocates

al jazeera english Nov 26, 2021

US immigration advocates say millions are at risk as reforms face uphill battle amid intense Republican opposition.

Houston’s new Korean-American community...advocates for all immigrants

houston chronicle Nov 26, 2021

Woori Juntos is a new organization that advocates for Korean Americans in Houston, who face language access issues and limited community representation. Its founder, Korean-American organizer Hyunja …

Congress should follow Colorado’s example, protect immigrants

the durango herald Nov 26, 2021

With the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act finally signed into law and the Build Back Better Act passed in the U.S. House, Congress must continue working for the American people and support our

City Council Likely to Pass Legislation...to Vote in Local Elections

lic post Nov 24, 2021

By Allie Griffin New York City is on track to allow noncitizens the right to vote in local elections. City lawmakers will likely pass

City Council’s non-citizen voting plan...for New York’s electorate

new york post Nov 24, 2021

Four years ago, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron made a triumphant return to New York City, where he had courted votes from French expatriates nearly a year earlier. “Reviens! — Come

The 3-year-old girl F.W. de Klerk...34 years of justice deferred.

yahoo!news Nov 24, 2021

On Nov. 11, the last overseer of South African apartheid, F.W. de Klerk, died. He spent his last moments nestled […] The post The 3-year-old girl F.W. de Klerk held captive. 34 years of justice defer…

Voting Is For Citizens

city journal Nov 24, 2021

New York City’s latest effort to extend the franchise to legal permanent residents is an effort to devalue citizenship and dilute the power of the vote.

2021 Brought Progressive Immigration Policies to Colorado

pagosa daily post Nov 24, 2021

This story by Faith Miller appeared on Colorado Newsline on November 17, 2021. The 2021 legislative session brought a series of wins for immigrant advocates in Colorado. Democrats

Which immigration story will prevail?

the daily review Nov 24, 2021

Like a gravitational field, there’s a narrative that exerts a powerful pull on U.S. immigration policy. It features hordes of migrants besieging our southern border, bringing crime, and lured (as